At Convention Strategy Group, we understand that reducing the paperwork, while offering attendees and exhibitors the ability to register for your event at a time that suits them, is important to you. Our online BlueSkyz event management solution, in combination with our offline solutions, will provide you with a complete solution for your event management needs.

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Benefits for Event Managers

When it comes to online event management, you need a solution that will enhance the experience that all parties take with them. You need a solution that is no less than the sophisticated image that you constantly portray. You also need a solution that is fully customizable so that you can pick and choose to use the areas of the tool that work best in combination for your event. With BlueSkyz you will get all of that and so much more.

We deliver a robust, but flexible solution so that you can have our online registration solution serve as a seamless extension off of your event's home page. You will have the ability to change all attendee-facing aspects of the system. You will save time from running cumbersome reports by simply clicking a button and getting your custom reports instantly. You will be more organized and it will show as the event attendees easily register online.

Benefits for Attendees

The BlueSkyz system will contribute to the success of your event by giving your attendees a positive registration experience. Your attendees will be more likely to register now that the process is so efficient, effortless, and all-inclusive. Your attendees will enjoy being able to register at any time of the day, over any period of time. They can customize their own program session itinerary and book their hotel room and air travel all in one place. Communication with speakers is now easier, as they will have the ability to send e-mails to event speakers prior to the sessions they plan to attend. And, you will be able to continue to offer your attendees previously existing avenues to register: mail, phone, or fax.

Benefits for Associations & Corporations

What better method of gaining real-time data on your event attendees, than to have them input all their event information into an easy-to-use database tool for you. You will have access to survey and financial reports, real-time lists of those that have checked-in, and the ability to offer your attendee information to exhibitors using advanced barcode technology. Keep in touch with your attendees at any time using the built-in e-mail blasting features available in BlueSkyz. With the BlueSkyz system you will also increase your return on investment while witnessing a higher turn out of attendees. Paperwork will decrease as a result of the increased efficiency that only BlueSkyz can bring to the table.

All Inclusive

Complete Registration Solution
The Convention Strategy Group BlueSkyz solution offers end-to-end registration for your attendees, allowing them to input their personal data for your records, customize their personal itinerary of sessions they would like to attend at your event, and make a secure online payment. The attendees can register at any time of the day, any day of the week, and at whatever pace they so choose. They can leave off at any point in the process and come back later to complete their registration or make modifications, with their previous selections saved.

As event administrator, you will have the ability to select which fields to capture from the attendees, add survey questions to the end of the registration process, and modify the attendee's registration experience by subgroup.

We have also used our focus group input to build easy-to-use pop-up support into the system. This will enable your attendees that are not so Internet-savvy to be able to complete the online registration process just like someone who is.

Housing Management
Input and manage your housing blocks online with BlueSkyz. Give your attendees their choice of hotel based on subgroup. You will realize a greater turn out by offering attendees a place to stay during the course of the event. Already have a registration system? Only need a housing management system? BlueSkyz offers the option to use the stand-alone housing management solution.

Air Travel Management
Through our intuitive interface, attendees can book their air travel to your event. They will be able to select from multiple airlines and routes, at times and prices that work best for them. In addition, if you reserve blocks of seats on particular flights or airlines, you will be able to input that data into our system and offer those vacancies to attendees first.

Abstract Management
CSG offers an integrated full service Proposal Management and Processing service designed for organizations collecting abstracts, papers, and presentations. The service includes online submission as well as the traditional mail-in submission of proposals. Features of this valuable tool include: Online Abstract Submission, Online Grading for Reviewers, Custom Creative Development, Conversion of Tables, Charts, Graphs, X-Rays, Images, and over 37,000 Characters and Symbols, Presentation scheduling, Preparation and Delivery to Publisher, and more.

Lead Retrieval
You can easily offer your attendee information to event exhibitors using a smart pen lead retrieval technology available with BlueSkyz. Should your exhibitors choose to retain the information of the attendees who they have met at the event, they can read the barcode on attendee's badge with a simple handheld device and be able to later report on and market to these individuals after the event.

Database Integration
With the BlueSkyz system, you will be able to integrate and transfer data between your existing database and the online registration system. Not only will this help the attendees save time from having to re-enter their personal information, but it will also save you time by capturing critical changes in data and import them back into your database at the end of the event.

Attendee Management by Subgroup
CSG offers you the ability to manage your attendees by subgroups. If you need to charge different event attendance prices to different groups of people or offer some of your sessions to select individuals, you will find that the subgroup management will make this a painless process.

Custom Reports & Surveys
With the built-in custom reporting capabilities, you will be able to easily report on all the data that has been captured for your event. You can view both the report results online or download the results to be read in common spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Excel. In addition to having standard reporting methods, you will also have the ability to search for individual attendees and make modifications to their information or print out a single badge.

The BlueSkyz system allows you to easily add a survey to the end of the attendee's registration process. You can fully customize the questions that you ask and the types of answers that the attendees can provide you with.

Both the reporting and surveying functionality will help you analyze the success of your event and make any needed modifications to it in the future.

Badge Creation
The BlueSkyz system will allow you to customize the fields of data that are included on the attendee badges, as well as adjust the typeface and style of the font used. You have the ability to specify the badge stock that you are using, and can print badges directly from the system. The barcode available on the badges works seamlessly with the exhibitor lead retrieval smart pen technology.

E-Marketing & Communication Capabilities
With BlueSkyz e-marketing, you will find staying in touch with your event attendees has never been easier. With a simple form to fill out, you can welcome previous event attendees back at your next event or remind those who have not completed registration yet to hurry up and register before the price increases. You will be able to send e-mails to the entire attendance list or to individual subgroups.

In addition, attendees will receive automatic personalized e-mails when they have completed and paid for their registration as a receipt of their transaction. This confirmation e-mail is customizable by the event administrator.

Interactive Forum Between Attendees & Speakers
Your attendees will enjoy the ability to send questions/comments via e-mail to speakers prior to your event, without the system revealing the speaker's e-mail address. Speakers can gather these questions/comments and better plan their session to meet and exceed the expectations of the audience.

Payment Processing
The BlueSkyz system will calculate all the attendee's event fees and present them with the total price when they are ready to pay. The built-in online credit card system will process an attendee's payment information securely within seconds. If the credit card information is approved, the attendee will receive both a confirmation thank you page and e-mail. On the administrator side of things, you will be able to view all attendee financial transactions, make adjustments to their order, and run financial reports to get a list of those who have paid, have made adjustments to their payment, or have cancelled.

Graphical Interface Customization
There are two ways that CSG can be customized to help you create a seamless graphical interface with your event's home page. In the BlueSkyz administrator, you will be able to change the colors and typefaces of the fonts used on the attendee side of the system. In addition, the BlueSkyz Team can build a site shell/template around the registration tool using your event home page graphics and colors, so that the attendee is not aware that they are leaving the event home page when entering the online registration system. It will appear as you have had your own internal staff construct this magnificent online tool just for your event attendees!

If you do not already have an online marketing company selected to build your event's home page, ask the Convention Strategy Group Team how we can help you. We have the design and development staff on-hand to assist you with making your event information come alive online.

Online Help
You do not need to be an expert on the Internet to set up your event in the BlueSkyz system. With the built-in pop-up support feature, help is always available at your fingertips. Should you have a question or problem that is not featured in the online support, call your dedicated Convention Strategy Group Account Executive, who can help you with a resolution.

In Addition

Behind-The-Scenes Security
As you know, it is vital to the success of your event to have an attendee completely comfortable with the registration process and be assured that his/her data is safe. BlueSkyz delivers security on multiple levels, where the network of servers is housed, so that your data is never vulnerable.

Our network utilizes:
- Nokia firewalls and Check Point firewall software
- 24x7 security monitoring
- Operating system lockdown measures

Our data center utilizes:
- Security guards on site 24x7
- Biometric palm scanner and pin verification to enter facility
- Video monitoring of entire facility
- Class A building architecture
- Photo ID badges

Our application utilizes:
- Comodo 128-bit secure certificates
- Encrypted credit card transmissions and storage
- Direct and encrypted internal database access
- Communication over secure ports

Our investment in full security allows attendees to feel at ease when registering online, resulting in a greater number who will use the economical online registration system. This protection also ensures that your administrative tasks remain internal to your organization.

Support Call Center
If your registrants encounter any problems while registering online or have a question concerning their registration, they can pick up the phone and call the Convention Strategy Group call center. We have fully-trained staff in our state-of-the-art call center anxiously waiting to help your attendees register for your event. All interaction with your event attendees will appear to be with your staff, as we will brand the call greetings to suit you.

Attendee Registration Fulfillment
Once registrations begin to flow into the online system for your event, you will need a way to mail event information, collateral, badges, and registration confirmations to the attendees. The CSG Team can fulfill these registrations for your organization and help you make this a much simpler process.

On-Site Check-In & Registration
The CSG Team will be on site to assist your event attendees with check-in or on-site registration and fulfillment, if needed for your event. Your attendees will be in good hands with our expert staff.

Give us a call to learn more about how Convention Strategy Group can help you manage your next event and to see a demonstration. You can reach the CSG Team at 301-656-7521 or using our online form.