Exhibit Lead Retrieval Solutions

Exhibitors invest in trade shows and in return expect to have access to technology and solutions that will help generate solid leads. The easier you can make it for them, the more they will value exhibiting at your trade show. Reports show that up to 80% of sales leads captured at trade shows are not followed up on properly. This is mainly due to an ineffective lead management process, before, during, and after a trade show. In order for exhibitors to receive the best Return On Investment (ROI) and fully maximize post-show sales opportunities, they need to effectively track who is interested in your product or services through exhibit lead retrieval solutions.

Blueskyz provides trade shows with all the tools that are necessary to attain the best possible ROI from exhibiting. Using the combination of time-tested lead management software, cutting-edge proprietary hardware, and proven operating systems  Blueskyz provides exhibitors the best of all worlds.  We offer a suite of services that help exhibitors develop qualified leads on the show floor and turn qualified leads into sales.

With the chosen level of registration support, clients will have the ability to offer the preferred Barcode or RFID badges to attendees and a variety of equipment available to exhibitors.  If your event is currently utilizing magnetic stripe technology, Blueskyz has legacy support for this technology and will quickly implement a plan to upgrade to enhanced technologies. All Blueskyz equipment is simple to support and easy for exhibitors to use.

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A young business woman holding up Blueskyzs RFID Barcode Magstripe SMARTMOBILE reader.