Welcome to the Registration and Hotel Reservation System for the ICES 46th Annual Cake Expo, July 20 - July 25 in Ft. Worth, TX.

Even if you have used this registration system in the past, each 2021 Attendee must establish a New Account and have a valid email address. Each registrant will create a Username and Password. Your email address is NOT your login/username.

NEW ACCOUNT (All 2020 Attendees Must Establish a New Account in this System)
If you do not have an account in this system, click the "Continue" button in the "New Account" box below to enter the system, view Cake Expo information, registration/hotel reservation information, and create an account.

If you have already created an account for the 2021 Cake Expo, you can log in below using the username and password information that has been emailed to you (Account Creation Confirmation) If you do not remember your login information, please click the "Forgot Password" link in the Existing Account box below and enter the email address you used to create your account and your Account Login Information will be resent to you.